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Information For Artists
Program Overview


Artists in Residence at Edgewood Cottage is a juried art show that features different artists each week. Think of Edgewood Cottage as your personal art gallery in a beautiful historic setting on Main St. in downtown Blowing Rock, NC.  If selected, you will be present in the cottage to greet visitors, sell your art, and demonstrate your techniques.  (Feel free to continue creating art during your time at the Cottage.  Visitors love to watch artists create their work!)  Edgewood Cottage does not have sleeping accommodations, so you will not be able to stay overnight.  

During a typical week, artists will see anywhere between 300 to 500 visitors.  Many are just curious to see your work, but some will purchase your art.

To qualify, an artist must live at least 3 months a year in the "High Country", generally defined as the western mountains of North Carolina. The requirements and application process are described in detail on the "Call For Artists" tab.

The Artists in Residence at Edgewood Cottage program intentionally selects a variety of artists in a variety of media.  We are looking for new high-quality aspiring artists as well as veteran artists. Alumni artists who participated in the program from prior years are also encouraged to apply.

Video of the Gallery Space


Edgewood Cottage comes alive during the Artist in Residence program.  The Cottage provides exceptional gallery space for Artists. Recently updated art lighting also adds to the experience.  

Interested artists should view the following video to get a feel for the space before applying.  

Inside Cottage

Inside Cottage

Play Video
Gallery Space Wall Dimensions

To give artists an idea of available wall space for hanging or displaying art, we have a page with Edgewood Cottage wall dimensions.  There are also several large tables, a glass front cabinet, and space on mantles above fireplaces for displaying 3D and smaller art pieces.



Requirements for Applying


The Blowing Rock Historical Society welcomes applications from 2-D and 3-D artists in a variety of mediums.  Interested artists must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  1. The artist must live at least three months of the year in one of the following western North Carolina counties: Watauga, Ashe, Avery, Wilkes, Caldwell, Burke, Catawba, Allegheny, Mitchell, Yancy, McDowell, Madison, or Buncombe.

  2. All work of the artist must be original.  (With the exception of photography, prints and reproductions may be sold but may not be displayed on walls. )

  3. Additional requirements and more details are included in the "Call For Artists" tab

What You Should Know Before Applying


The vast majority of artists that have participated in this program say "Yes" they would recommend this program to another artist friend.  We want this to be a wonderful experience for every artist that participates, and we think it is important to set expectations appropriately.  Here are some things for you to consider before applying...

  • You can expect between 200 to 500 visitors to the Cottage during your week.  Many of those are "lookers", and a few are buyers.  Most are pleasant and will be interested in seeing your art and talking with you.

  • You may or may not sell very much art at the Cottage.  Some artists sell thousands of dollars worth of art during their week; however, we have had some outstanding artists that sold very little.

  • Think of sales as a pyramid.  The vast majority of pieces sold are under $200; however, more expensive pieces also sell, and the dollar volume often comes from pieces sold between $500 and several thousand dollars.  It is often advantageous for artists to have some inexpensive pieces.

  • You will be responsible for accepting payments for your art sold and handling associated sales tax.  It is helpful if you accept credit / debit cards.

  • You should be present in the Cottage during the open hours for the week of your show.

  • Ideally, most weeks will include one or two 2-diminsional artists and one 3-diminsional artist.

  • In certain circumstances, we will allow a single artist, art guild or gallery to have the Cottage for the week.

What Kind of Artists We Are Looking For


This is a juried event, and quality of art matters more than anything else.  Beyond that...

  • We are looking for both two- and three- dimensional art.

  • We expect to have some seasoned artists who are well known, and perhaps already represented in galleries.  For those in galleries, you may promote your gallery work and encourage visitors to visit the galleries that represent you.  This program is a great way to become better known and to let people know where to view more of your work.

  • We also want the "undiscovered" artists.  A number of our alumni artists became recognized as high potential artists at Edgewood Cottage and have gone on to be represented in galleries.

  • We will consider art guilds, galleries, and other groups of artists.

  • We expect you to have a sufficient quantity of high-quality original art.  We do not want Edgewood Cottage to look bare because our artists don't have enough art to fill the walls or the display tables.  For two-dimensional artists, you should have enough original art to occupy at least 1/2 of the Cottage.  Three-dimensional artists should be able to occupy the display tables.  (See the "Video of the Gallery Space" above to get an idea of how much space is available.)

  • It helps if you can promote yourself and your art.  We will promote the event, but the most successful artists will also generate their own traffic into the Cottage.

  • It is also important for you to be comfortable and effective talking with visitors and prospective customers.  During your week in the Cottage, you are not only representing yourself, you represent all of us, and it is essential to make visitors feel welcome.


Edgewood Cottage is family friendly.  Art that is disturbing, provocative, erotic, etc. will not be permitted.    

Call For Artists


The 'Call For Artists' tab is available year-round for prospective applicants to view and gather information on the application process. However, the tab will be updated as to whether or not applications are being actively accepted. If The Cottage is not currently accepting applications, prospective applicants should wait and try again later OR make it known they are applying for the next available season when submitting their work.

The Call For Artists information is on the "Call For Artists" tab.

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