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Application Process Information
The 2024 Season Call For Artists Has Closed

The Application Process Has Changed Slightly

How to Apply 


General Description

You will download (to your device) a fillable Adobe PDF file APPLICATION, fill it out, save it to your device, and email it to us along with photos of your art.  Follow the instructions below.


Step-1: Download the Application


  • You will need a version of Adobe Acrobat on your computer to process this application.  

    • YOU CAN DOWNLOAD A FREE VERSION OF ADOBE ACROBAT READER DC BY CLICKING THIS LINK:   Select and download “Adobe Acrobat Reader DC”.   (That's the free version.)

  • Click on the PDF button below to download the application to your computer.  (NOTE: this PDF may now work on phones and tablets.​






Step-2: Rename and Save the Application to your Computer


  • Before beginning to complete the application, perform a “Save As”, and store the blank application to your computer.  (NOTE: This application may not work on a phone or tablet.)

  • While saving, please change the file name by inserting your name at the beginning of the file name.  So, if your name is John Doe, you would save the file with the name, “john doe Artist Application Form 2024”

  • Once saved, you can begin the application process.


Step-3: Complete the Application


  • Complete the application.

  • Most fields are required, and your application will not be considered by the Selection Committee if it is not complete.

  • The “Artist Statement” and “Resume” can be completed by typing or pasting.  If you paste from a document, it may not appear exactly like it was in the original document.  That’s ok.

  • You will be asked to agree to our terms and fees.  They are included on the PDF form and a copy is below.

  • Save the completed application to your device.

  • You are ready to email your application.


Step-4: Submit Your Application


  • Address an email to:

  • In the Subject line, type – “Artist Application” followed by your name.  (Example: “Artist Application – John Doe”

  • Attach your completed artist application PDF file.

  • Attach 8 .jpeg photos of examples of your artwork you expect to sell during the Artists in Residence program.

  • Send the email.

  • NOTE: If your email is to large to send, please send some of your photos in a separate email.



The following terms must be agreed to by all participating artists.


  • You live at least three months of the year in one of the following counties: Watauga, Ashe, Avery, Wilkes, Caldwell, Burke, Catawba, Alleghany, Mitchell, Yancy, McDowell, Madison, or Buncombe.

  • You will attend an Artists Orientation in early May.

  • You will set up your exhibit before noon Monday and take down your exhibit Sunday after closing.

  • You will be present during daily operating hours during the week of your exhibit. If at any time you cannot be there it is your responsibility to provide coverage for your exhibit. 

  • You will share the (provided) history of Edgewood Cottage, the renowned artist, Elliot Daingerfield, and other information provided to you during orientation with interested visitors.

  • You will encourage visitors to also view current exhibits at the neighboring Blowing Rock Art and History Museum (BRAHM).

  • You will accept final decisions of the Selection Committee. The anonymous committee is comprised of highly qualified artists and art collectors. No explanations will be given for decisions made by the Selection Committee, and their decisions are final.

  • You agree that the Blowing Rock Historical Society and their volunteers have no liability during your exhibit or your time at Edgewood Cottage. 

  • You agree to pay the fees described below.




The Blowing Rock Historical Society is a non-profit, volunteer organization, and we collect fees from artists.  We use the money we raise from this event in three ways:

  1. First, we cover the cost incurred for conducting this program.  The bulk of our cost is marketing and promotion of the event.

  2. Half of any net proceeds (money raised minus our expenses for the program) is donated to a worthy high country cause such as improvement projects at Moses H. Cone park.  

  3. The remainder of any net proceeds are used by the Blowing Rock Historical Society for our own projects like improvements to Edgewood Cottage or funding historical research about Blowing Rock.  


Fees you agree to pay…


  • $85 Participation fee for all selected first time (non-alumni) artists.

  • 25% donation to the Blowing Rock Historical Society for your total sales (excluding taxes) made during your show. 

  • 25% donation to the Blowing Rock Historical Society for any sales or commissions made within 1 month of your participation that happen as a result of your show. 



If you are a selected artist, you will receive an emailed invitation letter with further details and your scheduled week in Edgewood Cottage.  If you are not selected, you will receive an email saying so. Notifications are likely to begin in February.

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