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Art Shows in Historic Edgewood Cottage 


Edgewood Cottage...
Where Art & History Meet


Blowing Rock's "Cultural Corner" is steeped in both art and history. Historic Edgewood Cottage fronts Main St. across from St. Mary's Episcopal and Rumple Memorial Presbyterian churches.  It is next door to the Blowing Rock Art and History Museum (BRAHM).


Edgewood Cottage itself is historically significant from an art perspective, and it could serve no better use today than supporting our High Country artists.  You owe it to yourself to visit Blowing Rock's Cultural Corner, and be sure to meet this week's Artists in Residence at Edgewood Cottage.

What is Edgewood Cottage?

The answer starts with answering the question, "Who was Elliott Daingerfield?"  Built in 1890, Edgewood Cottage was the first home of this renowned American artist whose works are found in museums across America today.  In addition to being an exceptionally talented and successful artist, he was also quite generous with his time and talent, helping other artists learn and develop their skills. To the right is a photo of Elliott Daingerfield on the front porch of his cottage instructing “The Painting Ladies”, most of whom became members of the renowned "Philadelphia Ten".

After finding Daingerfield’s original architectural drawings for the Cottage,  the Blowing Rock Historical Society restored Edgewood. The Historical Society uses the cottage for various events, but the primary use is for Artists in Residence at Edgewood Cottage.  


During this event, Edgewood Cottage becomes a beautiful art gallery that promotes and supports selected High Country artists.  We believe that Elliott Daingerfield would be delighted with the way his original home and studio is being used today ... to highlight and support other artists.

Where is Edgewood Cottage?


Some people think Blowing Rock starts at Foot Sloggers and ends at Town Tavern.  They are missing one of the best parts of Blowing Rock by less than one block!

Edgewood Cottage is one block south of Town Tavern right on Main St.  It is across the street from two beautiful and historic churches. Right next door is the fabulous Blowing Rock Art and History Museum.  And if that isn't enough, just past the Museum is a free parking deck.

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